Weston Park Museum

On Friday 25th September, our class and Class 7 went on a trip to Weston Park Museum. We went to learn more about Ancient Egypt, as this is our topic.

We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of interesting facts. The best part of the day (as decided by our class) was when we got to mummify Fred!

What do you think we were doing in each photo below?

image image image image image

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18 Responses to “Weston Park Museum”

  1. sophiew2015

    I love the pictures` of the weston park mueseum love stephanie.

  2. class6dunstonsch

    I’m glad you do. It was so much fun, wasn’t it?

    Mrs B 🙂

  3. sophiew2015

    Yes it was fun at the weston park museum. Love stephanie

  4. Summerw

    I enjoyed at weston park museum.The best part was when william pulled out the brain it was descusting.love Summer.

  5. class6dunstonsch

    That was revolting! It looked like stringy, gooey spaghetti! William was so brave.
    Mrs B 🙂

  6. Grace c

    I thought it was lots of fun at western park museum. Can not wait for the next school trip! 🙂

  7. class6dunstonsch

    I can’t wait either!
    Mrs B 🙂

  8. Lexi-Jane

    I had an amazing time at the museum .

  9. class6dunstonsch

    Me too! I think it’s amazing that we were able to see two real mummies!
    Mrs B 🙂

  10. Summerw

    It was amazing at Weston park museum I know more than I knew befor.love Summer.

  11. Taylor

    It was very good at weston park museum.I know more than I knew befor.Love Taylor

  12. class6dunstonsch

    Me too, Summer and Taylor!
    Mrs B 🙂

  13. Mr Burgess

    It looks like you all had a really enjoyable time and learned a lot of new amazing things!

    Very exciting and well done to you all for your excellent attitude when representing yourselves and the school whilst at Weston Park.

    Mr Burgess

  14. leod6

    We loved going to Weston park museum. leo xx

  15. Phoebe

    It was really gross when william pulled brains out of Fred’s nose. Love Phoebe

  16. Mrs Benger

    Yes it was! I am just glad we don’t need to be mummified!
    Mrs B 🙂

  17. Tia

    Hi Mrs Benger I liked making the shabti,it was a bit fiddly though !!! Love tia ×××

  18. Phoebe

    Me to!love Phoebe and Jorge

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