Welcome to our brand new Class 6 blog!

Make sure you regularly look on here to find out our class’ latest news and exciting things going on. You can also add comments on, too!

Mrs Benger 🙂

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10 Responses to “Hello!”

  1. Lucie

    Your blog looks really good do we have a Green Embassador blog yet??

  2. class6dunstonsch

    Hi Lucie,

    Thank you! It is still a ‘work in progress’ so keep an eye out for new things appearing 🙂

    We don’t have a Green Ambassador blog yet. This could be an idea we discuss at our next meeting!

    Mrs B

  3. Lucie

    Yes we could talk about that in the next meeting and I could give you ideas for the Green Embassador blog and class six’s if you like???

  4. class6dunstonsch

    Great idea, Lucie! Would love to hear your ideas 🙂

    Mrs B

  5. Lucie

    Your welcome I could come in some time and maybe tell you a few idea’s

  6. Lexi-Jane

    Hi miss benger I love the blog it is lovely just like everyone

    Love Lexi-jane

  7. class6dunstonsch

    Thank you, Lexi-Jane!
    Mrs B 🙂

  8. Summerw

    I love your blog it is AMAZING i wish i couled do blogs like that.ove Summer.

  9. Taylor

    Hi mriss Benger I love the blog its lovely just like you isn’t it.Love Taylor

  10. class6dunstonsch

    I really like it too! I am looking forward to sharing more things on it, too.
    Mrs B 🙂

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